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About Us A little about myself and my business Dana’s Tuxedo:

I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh PA.  In 1991 I relocated to the Scranton Area and started a residential and office cleaning business. I had many clients but the ones that are important to this bio was the Sarno Family.  Sarno and Son hired me to clean their retail tuxedo rental store they were moving out of.  After seeing what a great job I did they hired me to clean their new tuxedo retail space and their tuxedo warehouse as well as a couple residential places.

I would soon meet my husband Kevin and we married in 2000. Kevins job moved us about the country, Barbados and Ireland and in November 2003 we landed in Martinsburg WV.  We fell in love with the area rather quickly and after settling in to a home decided to open a second hand clothing store, this was in March 2005. I called it Day’ Javu. It was on Queen St. in the heart of Martinsburg.  I only sold woman’s clothing and accessories but to be a bit more diversified in business I offered alterations. I come from a seamstress household and grew up with 4 different sewing machines in a garage my father had redone into a sewing room for my mother, sister and myself and every once in a while my older brother would chime in on the fun.

In 2007, two of the downtown mens stores that offered tuxedo rentals closed their doors for various reasons. My husband Kevin said to me “you should give your friend Mark Sarno a call” and that I did.

By this time 2008 Sarno and Son had built their business to be one of the biggest tuxedo suppliers in the North Eastern United States.  I explained to Mark how no one was renting tuxedos in our area. Within a week I had a mannequin, a catalogue and a chunk of fabric swatches. May 2008 Dana’s Tuxedo was born.  I sectioned off a portion of Day’ Javu for tuxedo rentals.  For the next two years it worked pretty well, and as business grew I knew I would outgrow that space soon.

An opportunity arose in 2010 when the business next to me closed. The empty space was available so I scooped it up and moved Dana’s Tuxedo next door to Day’ Javu. We found an old door way that was closed up between the two stores and reopened it. Now I could walk from one store to the other without ever going outside.

Fast forward 2 years, spring 2012. I’m busy running two businesses.  Dana’s Tuxedo is growing and I really needed to focus all my attention on Dana’s Tuxedo. Kevin and I decided to gift Day’ Javu to a non-profit so I could focus on just one business.

In December 2012 we moved Dana’s Tuxedo to 124 S. Queen St. and just recently moved to our current location at 310 Wilson Street, Martinsburg, WV.

We love what we do.  We love the fact that people trust us to be a part of such an important special day. We love that we only work with the best tuxedo suppliers. We love that we are in the heart of downtown Martinsburg.

We hope to be around for many years to come.

Dana & Kevin Knowles

Tuxedo must do's...



Always make sure you have a swatch of something that is the correct color you are looking to match. Too often people want to use a picture from phone. Phones can distort color.

Tux Returns

Try to pick someone in the wedding party to return all the tuxedos. Having one person return all the tuxedos ensures that the tuxedos are returned on time and no late fees are incurred.

Final Sitting

Make sure your guys understand the importance of that final fitting. This is when the wedding party will try on the actual tuxedo that is going to be worn in the wedding. This is when we find out what needs to be altered or reordered. Giving us enough time to fix any unforeseeable problems will make this process less stressful for everyone.

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Why Dana's and not some other place to rent your tuxedos?

bannerI've said it many time 'How your guys look is just as important to me as it is to you'. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. I only have one location and pride myself in working with each bride and groom to help them find what they want in a comfortable price point. I want people to ask you where you got your tuxedos because they want to use me, not where did you get your tuxedos because they don’t want to use me.
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