“THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW” About renting a tuxedo

So you are thinking about renting a tuxedo for the big day. Hopefully you will find some useful information here courtesy of Dana’s Tuxedo. At Dana’s Tuxedo we are willing to work with each couple to fit your needs.

Normally the Groom is FREE when the wedding party has a certain amount of rentals. During different times of the year different specials may be taking place. So do ask what types of specials are being offered, if any, at the time of your consultation.

The first thing you need to do is decide what tuxedo style you want. This should be done about 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. Dana’s Tuxedo can get you a tuxedo a day or two before the wedding, but prefer a bit more notice.
It’s always a good idea to set up an appointment for a consultation. The number for Dana’s Tuxedo is 304-267-0226. We at Dana’s Tuxedo always have evening appointments. Making an appointment instead of just stopping by will ensure that you receive the undivided attention you deserve.

What should you bring to your appointment?

  1. Something that matches your wedding colors. This doesn’t have to be a piece of material. It can be a shoe, shirt, a purse, or a color out of a magazine picture. Going to the paint department and picking up a few of those paint chip samples cards is a good idea. Just so it is close to the color of your wedding. It’s probably not a good idea to rely on memory or a cell phone picture. Once you start looking at the 100’s of color choices its easy to get, what I call, color confusion and begin to question yourself.
  2. Bring a list of all the men and boys that will be renting a tuxedo, or parts of a tuxedo, for your wedding. Now that you have picked out your tuxedo choices, shirt style, shoe style and the colors of the vest and tie, along with any accessories, it is time to start getting measurements from the wedding party.

Many times you may want to get everyone together to get the measurements completed. If you wish to do this I encourage you to set up another appointment with us. Keep in mind that you may come in during our normal daytime hours, Tuesday-Wednesday 12-7, Thursday-Friday 10-5, Saturday morning 9-12 or if you prefer you can make an evening appointment. Sometimes Sunday appointments are also available and preferred by everyone.

A typical measurement will take about 15 minutes. You may want the party to come in at other times by themselves when it is convenient for each individual. They may come in during normal hours or call to set up an appointment. When they come in for the measurement they will always use the last name of the groom.

We keep a list/file of your wedding party. This lets us know who has or hasn’t got measured yet. Therefore you can rest assured that everyone has been taken care of. We usually give a courtesy call when everyone in your wedding has had his measurements taken. This is very helpful especially with bigger wedding parties. If we see that someone has not been measured we will let you know in plenty of time.

People who are out of town?:

The question always comes up about out of town friends and family that cannot get into Dana’s Tuxedo to get measured. What do you do? You want to make sure that you get all the tuxedos from the same place. If you don’t, the styles may be noticeably different as well as the colors.

Your out of town people will need to go to a their local tuxedo shop or men’s store to get measured. A small fee may apply. Most men’s shops will know what measurements are needed. If not, they may call Dana’s Tuxedo at 304-267-0226 and we can walk them through the process. Sometimes the guys will send in measurements that are not exactly correct. We are very good at what we do. We will know if they have incorrect measurements. Dana’s Tuxedo is very experienced in taking on site as well as emailed measurements.

After they have been measured they will need to email their measurements into Dana’s Tuxedo at [email protected]

We require a $50.00 deposit on all tuxedos rentals. Usually that deposit is given at the time the measurements are taken or emailed. We will take deposits over the phone via debit/credit card. Some stores do not offer this convenience.

The $50.00 deposit is taken off the total amount of that individual rental leaving a balance due; the balance due will be collected when the tuxedo is picked up in the days before the wedding. All tuxedos must be paid in full at time of pick up. At the time of measurement/deposit we do require a credit/debit card number for all rentals. In the case of a child we will use the parents credit/debit card information or the grooms. We need to have a form of payment on record just in case the tuxedo or parts of the tuxedo are damaged or not returned. The credit card number will be shredded upon return of the complete tuxedo on the specified return date. If the tuxedo is returned late a $40.00 late fee will be charged to the card on record. All the tuxedos are due back to Dana’s Tuxedo the Monday after your wedding. Tuxedos can be returned by anyone.

You have 14 DAYS PRIOR to your wedding to cancel or make any changes to your tuxedo reservation if something happens and the tuxedos order needs to be cancelled or changed.

All deposits will be refunded -$20.00 processing fee. Weddings cancelled 13 days or less prior to the wedding will forfeit any deposit put down on the tuxedo. Changes made in that time period will have a fee applied.

Keep in mind that we can only order tuxedos after the deposit has been given. If the deposit is NOT given the tuxedo will NOT be ordered. If someone in your wedding party has been measured, but the deposit has not been made and the wedding is coming up we will surely let you know.

So your tuxedo styles are picked out, everyone is measured and all the deposits are made. Things are going smooth.

Now what happens?

Your tuxedos arrive at Dana’s Tuxedo about 4 days before the wedding. This gives everyone time to come in for the actual try on of the ordered tuxedos.

Our normal delivery day is USUALLY the TUESDAY (assuming your wedding is on a Saturday) before the wedding. When your tuxedos arrive we will contact you letting you know. You can either choose to call your party or we can call for you. If your wedding is on a different day than Saturday we will let you know when it will be in.

Your wedding party is expected to come to Dana’s Tuxedo to do a fitting. This is when they try on the tuxedo along with the shoes to make sure the fit is proper.

The most important thing to remember!

We at Dana’s Tuxedo have one goal in mind. Years down the road while looking at your wedding pictures we want you to reflect back with a smile and think, “We looked great, what a beautiful day”.

We really like to stress one of the most important things for the men, MAKE TIME to get into Dana’s Tuxedo and try on the tuxedo. Sometimes the groom likes to get all the guys together and make an event of it. That’s great if he can, but this can be a difficult task with all the different schedules people have.

The most important thing is to get the guys to come in for that fitting. Individually or in a group, just get them in as soon as you can. This is the only way we can ensure the tuxedo is going to be a perfect fit.

Dana’ s Tuxedo does not favor giving the tuxedo to a family member or friend. We prefer the person who ordered the tuxedo come in and try on the tuxedo so we know it is a good fit. We do realize this is sometimes impossible and we understand.

We also realize the out of town wedding party may not be arriving until a day before the wedding. In this case Dana’s Tuxedo should be their first stop. We will try to arrange to be available when they arrive.

We like to have everyone in and fitted by Thursday no later than 5:00 p.m. We do not have a full supply of inventory on hand to substitute another piece if needed. Only stores in bigger cities have this luxury.

Dana’s Tuxedo very rarely has problems; tuxedo rentals are all we do. We are very good at it and strive to go above and beyond anything you would expect. But we do need the help of the wedding party to make sure that everything goes smooth.

Some common mistakes:

  1. The groom or one of the groomsman looses a lot of weight. On more than one occasion someone has been measured for a tuxedo and then decided to go on a crash diet, losing 10 pounds or more and doesn’t tell us. When he comes in for the fitting is when we find out that he lost all the weight. Inevitably that causes problems with a proper fit and in most cases a new tuxedo has to be ordered.
  2. Coming in for the fitting from work, dirty and in need of a shower. We realize that some guys come straight from work. We suggest they be clean when they come in for the fitting. We really don’t like them trying on a fresh, clean tuxedo when they are covered in grease or dirt.
  3. Waiting until the last minute to come in for the fitting. Waiting until the last minute doesn’t give us much time to make any alterations if needed.
  4. Thinking that going to one of the bigger high end men’s stores is better. Take into consideration that your wedding party has to make at minimum 3 trips to the tuxedo shop. Once for the measurements and once for the try on/pick up and then someone has to drop the tuxedo off. The further away it is the more stressful it is for everyone. By staying local you are saving your party time and money. Also by renting from a local private business you are almost guaranteed to get much better customer service. You will be dealing with the owner that has more of a personal interest in the customers.Most of the information contained here is common practice for many tuxedo shops. Being a smaller business we can offer personalized hours for your convenience. At times we have been known to meet our customers at 6 am or 11 pm.

A few other things to be aware of:

Some tuxedo shops may offer what seems to be great prices but have hidden charges. The tuxedo may seem like a great deal at a great price, but doesn’t include shoes or you have a limited selection of tuxedos and color choices.

Our tuxedos start at $114.00. This price includes the jacket, pant, 4 shirt choices, any color tie and vest, and tuxedo shoe.

There is a $7.00 damage waiver fee, this fee covers normal wear on a rental + sales tax.
Also some tuxedo shops use different distributors and the quality can be questionable. At Dana’s Tuxedo we only use Sarno and Son Tuxedos. A family owned business out of Scranton Pa. Sarno and Son Tuxedos have been in the tuxedo rental business for over 70 years.

We also have been known to make house calls to do measurements and take deposits. Please ask about how that works if you like.

We hope that this information was helpful. Please contact Dana at Dana’s Tuxedo if you have any more questions.

It's just as important to me as it is to you, that your guys look great.

My name is Dana Knowles
Owner of Dana’s Tuxedo since 2008

124 S. Queen St.
Martinsburg, WV 25401

I take my business very seriously; I promise to go above what you would expect to make the most important day of your life beautiful.

Again congratulations!